The Reeflex is a state-of-the-art technology for an optimal transportation of liquids which require temperature control for liquid bulk cargo in 20ft and 40ft reefer containers. The most advanced and innovative solution for the transportation of liquids has a patented, robust, wave breaking design providing a stabilized load in a monobloc (one piece) structure and is designed and tested in USA according to PAS 1008:2016 norms. Thanks to a sterile environment and controlled temperatures it is possible to do the transport with a temperature between -30°C and +20°C. The Reeflex is Worldwide available and under the responsibility of CMA CGM, Teconja & LiquA we offer you a door to door solution under one liability insurance umbrella, satisfying technical & logistic requirements of both shipper and consignee with a custom made packaging. Up to 22000lt into 20ft Reeflex and up to 26000lt into 40ft Reeflex can be loaded and according to the Specific Gravity of the cargo and road weight restrictions at the loading & delivery countries the right size of Reeflex will be configured.

Adventages of Using the Reeflex:

– Cost effective and you can carry More payload:
Extreme labor cost saving from packaging, filling, handling, empty packaging storage +
Up to 11% (2100kg) more cargo in a container compared to metal drums.
Up to 3.5% (700kg) more cargo in a container compared to plastic drums.

– Keeps product quality intact

– Applicable for all kind of 20ft and 40ft reefer containers and reefer trucks

– Temperature tolerance: between -30 ° C and + 20 ° C

– Offer better protection against contamination

– Make loading/unloading faster and more efficient

– No need to go inside the container to load or discharge, in line with health and safetystandards

– No inventory for empty packaging (Drums/Bins/IBCs)

– Eco-friendly and fully recyclable raw materials

– ISO norms: ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 22000 and FSSC 22000 + Kosher and Halal certificates

– No side wall pressure

– No rigid bulkhead, does Not require special fitting equipment

– Also aseptic possible

– low residual amounts after unloading