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Your freight traffic partner

As a qualified transport provider with many years of experience, Teconja has grown from a specialized transporter of liquid foodstuffs to a full-service transport and shipping provider. With our dynamic team of employees, we are not only a high-performance partner in Germany, but rather a global player with a wide range of contact worldwide, we literally have a “man on the ground” wherever your project may be.

Cost advantages through:

Excellent knowledge of the market

High volumes

Tailor-made solutions

Transparent order processing


Speditionsgesellschaft Teconja mbH

owes its success to a modern, perfectly thought-out and executed corporate concept, supported by experienced, professionally skilled employees who have a long history working together in the same team, as well as the long-lasting cooperation of selected partners ­– contractors who provide top-quality service, for whom we are happy to vouch for.

Another secret to our success is our consistent monitoring and realization of our goals, always keeping our high quality and service standards in mind. Our IT-supported workflow management system, optimized to the last detail, allows our employees to provide you with extremely fast, flexible – and above all, highly personal – customer support..

People and performance – as well as respectful interactions with our partners – are Teconja’s highest priorities. We aim to prove this in everything we do.

Continuous growth in revenue, as well as forward-looking investment made at regular intervals, have led to substantial improvement to the company’s position. In order to keep up with the growing demands of the market, Teconja intends to continue its successful expansion strategy for years to come.